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Monthly Archives: January 2012

 I got my kitchen aid mixer for Christmas from my mom (by far my favorite gift), but have been staring at it for the past few days wondering what I should make. So last night I finally got the chance to use that beauty. I made homemade pizza dough to go along with the stuffed peppers (seen here) that we were having for dinner. I finally found a recipe that was fast, super easy to make, and tasted just like Asconas Pizza from my hometown. Just a few tips after making mine: add more cheese, make sure to brush the pizza edges with the garlic butter or olive oil, and sprinkle the cheese to the very edges.

Forever21 Shirt, H&M Maxi (here), Nordstroms sunglasses

As promised this weekend I spent almost all hours of the day at the beach. The weather was absolutely gorgeous although the wind picked up in the afternoon it didn’t stop us from having an eventful weekend! Here are some pictures from our weekend in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

This week came and went so incredibly fast, to think that today is Friday is crazy. The days felt long, but the week felt short. I am happy to report that this semester looks like it’s going to be a good one. Yesterday was about 80 degrees walking from class to class and all I could think about was how excited I am that I do NOT have class Friday this semester. This weekend will be spent cleaning and playing in the sand. Here are some things that made this week extra sunny!

Today I officially start Spring semester at USD, which is why Mia and I decided to hit the beach on our last day of vacation! I will miss sleeping in although I do have a pretty nice schedule this semester and I will also miss having absolutely nothing to do. Over the weekend I had caught THE worst stomach flu… headache and everything, I literally didn’t leave the house for almost 3 days it was awful, but I am feeling a little bit better now and am hoping that I will be feeling 100% before next weeks “full week” of school. A day in the sun is exactly what the doctor ordered… here are some snap shots from our beach adventures. Instead of posting pictures of my beach attire I decided to show you all who snaps the pictures of me on a day to day basis, Meet Mia.

Forever21-Skirt, Top, Belt (buy here) — Nordrstroms-Sunglasses — Shiek Shoes (also seen here)

Asymmetrical tops and sweaters were a big hit this fall season so when I saw this asymmetrical cut skirt I immediately fell in love. I arrived at the conclusion that my  closet needed a pop of color this season which is why I reached for red  as opposed to black, plus the color is great for next months festivities. I kept it simple and comfortable, by pairing it with a classic nautical stripe shirt  (jacket seen here) and a studded belt from forever21 (great for running quick errands before dinner at the beach).