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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Over Easter break, I discovered a fun new nail  decorating technique. I decided to give it a try and add a bit of  my own creative, glitzy, flare. You apply the polish by dipping a makeup sponge into water and then you dab it on your nail to create an Ombre effect. My nails were already painted  a solid color “Ole Caliente” which is a shade of coral/red by Essie. So, I decided to try it on one nail. I haven’t quite perfected the whole Ombre look yet, but I wanted to share with you  a preview of  a new form of nail art that can be done at home and it is easy. I will be trying this again very soon with different colors in hopes that it turns out more Ombre-y.

Step by step:
Dip sponge into water… don’t completely squeeze out the water
Brush different shades of nail polish directly on to the tip of the sponge
Blot on paper towel
Lightly Press  the sponge onto  your nail

Sprinkle with a few pinches of fine glitter for a glitzy finish
Top with a clear coat

OOH La La!!


{ Dip sponge into water… don’t completely squeeze out the water }

  • rubi - Thank you fot the tip i can’t wait to try it your results were very caliente!!!!ReplyCancel

  • saylin - very cute i like.ReplyCancel

{ Straw-baby Festival at school yesterday }

This week unexpectedly, started out rough. On Monday morning, I had somewhat of a massive “panic attack”. It was 9 am Monday morning, 70 degrees outside and a perfect day; yes a perfect day to have a melt down. I was sitting in front of the church at school when I called my mom in tears. I guess life isn’t easy peasy when you manage two businesses and take 21 units in college. But for some odd reason, I thought I could be super woman this semester and I obviously thought wrong. I was so hysterical that the people around me got up from their bench to re-locate. People walking through the center of campus gave me funky looks too. But guess what, I really didn’t care how loud I was crying or how foolish I looked all I knew is that I needed my mom.

Prior to Monday morning, I was majoring in psychology. Then, I had an Epiphany. Why was I majoring in psychology when I knew I was not going to pursue this profession? I also knew that I would not go to graduate school as I sure as heck didn’t want to sit in a lab and do research (science is something my sister Alina excels in) to become a psychologist. So, why was I investing so much time and working so hard at something I didn’t love? After hours of crying and writing lists of pros and cons, I came to the conclusion that I am switching majors. Yup that’s right! The end of my second semester, of my junior year in college, I am switching my major.

I think there is so much pressure to figure out what you want to do or who you want to be, or what career path you want to follow, at such a young age. We may think we know what we want, but how are we supposed to be so sure? A friend of mine told me in the middle of my breakdown that life is like trying on clothes. We are supposed to try new styles, trends and colors…life is about throwing on new accessories, but that doesn’t mean this is what we are going to wear for the rest of our lives. So…, I tried on psychology.  I guess it didn’t fit my style so now I am trying on humanities (emphasis in fine arts). Hopefully, humanities will be like that perfect pair of black pumps that you can’t seem to part with, or the perfect pair of spanx that holds everything together. Regardless, I have learned three extremely important lessons throughout my college journey— 1) Don’t care what other people think 2) Do what’s best for you and do what makes you happy and 3) DON’T take 21 units.  With that being said here are a few things that flipped my week from bad to rad!

{ Farmer’s Market Find }

{ Featured on a Times Square Billboard }

{ Beach day before class }

{ A sandwich filled with strawberries from the strawberry festival at school }

  • Shirin Demirdag - Good on you for making that decision and going for it! I started my first year as a psych student too but now I’m a sociology arts major and I’m loving it. All the best! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • blake - great post girl! i have many breakdowns when it comes to school too… you are smart and extremely talented… however, you are crazy for taking 21 units! YIKES! power out this semester because it is almost over! loved the clothes theory, it’s true. good luck! you got this!


    • blake - oh and ps… LOVE that billboard. that is AMAZING!ReplyCancel

  • Dana Moran - I know you be successful at anything you do! Great post from the heartReplyCancel

  • Julie Chan - This is so EXCITING!!!!!! All the best to you, Kailani!! xoxoxoReplyCancel

I am always on the search for healthy lunch recipes because I am always on the move. On Tuesday’s, I don’t have a minute to spare so I plan ahead and prepare my meals in advance. I made up my own fresh and effortless springtime salad that can be made in advance. After you prepare your ingredients, you can put into containers, refrigerate, and then grab “lunch on the go” for hectic days like mine. It’s the easiest way to fuel up during your lunch break and ensure healthy consumption. To guarantee the quality of each bite is fresh and yummy, I usually add a few dried cranberries, almonds, & quinoa right before I’m ready to eat. To avoid unsightly discoloration, the avocados should be added at the last minute too. If you are feeling sweet…..you can also add some fresh fruit for a pop of color and a light taste of sweetness. If you need to add a little protein, you can add a few pieces of chicken. Finally, you can drizzle a little balsamic vinaigrette over the top to bind it all together. You will absolutely love this refreshingly, scrumptious salad. Bon Appetite….Enjoy!


Within the past year, I have become seriously obsessed with technology. I love finding new little gadgets that are adorable & fashionable as well as functional. Recently, I was gifted with a new, incredibly fascinating, Photo Editing Tablet. Every time I use this new “techy” item, I am totally engaged and I lose track of all time. I did a little research and I put together a collage of a few more fun, geek-y, and mechanically savvy items for the home, office, backpack or purse that you may enjoy too. Spring is here, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I’m TECHNOLOGICALLY obsessed this Spring Season. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who is pre-occupied with external USB drives, fun iPhone lenses, dorky coffee cups and exciting laptop cases. Are you obsessed too? Have a magically “Techy” day!!!

  1. The Good Flock – Computer Case – $109
  2. Kate Spade – iPhone 4 Case – $40
  3. Blue Tooth – Varies
  4. Fred Flare – Key USB – $10
  5. Thomas Paul – iPad Case – $52.99
  6. Lens Coffee Mugs – $15
  7. ModCloth- Yellow Phone -35.99
  8. iPhone Lenses – $16
  • Dana moran - I have the lens coffee cup!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - I am a total techie. It’s kind of nice to know there is a kindred spirit out there who knows you can be stylish and nerdy all at the same time!!ReplyCancel

I’ve been eager to create a variety of lemonade flavors, since I conjured up my first batch of Cucumber Mint Lemonade. (Seen here in this post) Blood oranges are difficult to find. So, when I find them, I buy as many as I can. Last week, almost every booth at the Farmers Market had ripe, juicy, colorful, blood oranges. Needless to say, I over bought! I decided to be frugal by using them to make blood orange lemonade so they didn’t go to waste. I didn’t use a recipe for this drink, so the flavor was a little tarter than I would have liked. To balance the flavors & neutralize the sour taste, I decided to add a little ice tea to this amazingly delicious new drink. Blood Orange Lemonade as well as the Cucumber Mint Lemonade will both be at the top of my beverage list this spring & summer! Try this recipe to avoid the issue of tartness.

**Kailani’s Tip: add a little bit of club soda to make it a fizzy, sparkling lemonade!

  • arleendee - love your blog so much!
    this drink looks delicious! I haven’t seen that type of oranges here in Taipei, but I’ll be on the lookout for them now! <3