I am not much of a Hot Chocolate kinda of girl, but cider I can mess with. Last year, I discovered the cinnamon apple cider at Trader Joe’s and I re-fell in love with Fall all over again. Actually, to be honest, I fell in love with Fall, definitely more of a Spring/Summer kind of girl. Anyways, on cold rainy mornings, I would warm it up on the stove and add fresh cut apples and a few cinnamon sticks. Although you can replace your morning coffee with it, I prefer it as a dessert drink.

You rarely spend time at others’ apartments in NYC, majority of the time you are coordinating a quick drink with your girlfriends for a weekly debrief in between after work happy hours OR a late night dinner date. Recently, I have convinced my friends that quality time spent together doesn’t need to take place at the hottest new hotel or the underground speak easy – where the music is so loud you end up losing your voice because you are screaming to have a conversation. So, for a girls night in, instead of wine and cheese, I decided to make spiked cider and cinnamon rolls, who doesn’t like breakfast for dessert? I spiked the cider with a little bit of whiskey and we instantly warmed up while we caught up on our busy lives.