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I recently had a haircut and although I wish I cut it short short, I backed out…., yet again. My hair has always been long but it has never really had much TLC in the style department. So before my appointment, I searched for inspiration on Bangstyle (post here). I decided that if I wasn’t going to go short short I could at least add layers to my long locks. Playing sports as a kid layers were my worst enemy because they would fall out of my ponytail which would force me to use a million bobby pins. Since I am no longer playing sports I decided the shorter the layer the better. I was a bit scared sitting in the chair and seeing her chop away but I am so happy with the outcome. My hair is so much easier to style and actually holds volume better and adds new dimensions to my style. Now I am able to have one of those cute ponytails without having to tease it like crazy or add a ton of product. Here are my simple steps to achieving the fun and flirty pony tail.

While in New York I stopped into Fix Beauty Bar on the Upper East Side. Fix Beauty Bar is not only a blow out bar but a nail bar as well… you can hop into a chair an get the full work. It’s awesome because you can kill two birds with one stone and make the most of your time while there. While someone is beautifying your hair another person is simultaneously working on your hands and feet. After experiencing my first blow out at Fix Beauty Bar I don’t know if I can go elsewhere. It was such a treat to have the Fix Beauty team work on my nails and hair for my last day of events and shows for NYFW. If you are a New York resident or planning to visit New York any time soon Fix Beauty Bar needs to be on your “must visit” list. You can make your appointments here and I promise you won’t be disappointed. This luxury blow dry and nail bar also offers braiding services, up-dos, foot massages and more!


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Today I have a hair appt. so I figured I would share with you my new favorite tool to gather hair-inspiration. I used to gather inspiration for today’s appointment as well as for hairstyles to try this fall. Whenever I go in to see me gal I always bring multiple photos of what I want my hair to look like after the cut and styles that I want her to teach me how to recreate on my own. With the hot weather still lingering I am really into braids (they help keep me cool and keep my hair out of my way) so I gathered a few of my favorite braids via  for her to teach me how to complete. Another thing I love for fall is volume but with my long hair it always seems impossible to get big volume for longer than 30 minutes – hopefully I will find some products to change that. If, so I will definitely share them with you. Now….. my long locks are my staple (or so I have been told) and people always cringe when I say that I want to chop it bob style. But, recently I have really considered choppin’ my hair and donating it.

I have always loved the bob as well as A-Line look and envy people who have that style. The last time I chopped (literally CHOPPED) my hair was in 6th grade right before school pictures. My mom was in a facial and told me not to bother her so I decided to make an executive “big-girl” decision… and that was to go short. The man with the scissors didn’t question it and started cutting. When my mom walked out I think she stopped breathing for a good five minutes and then she started to cry. I was stoked on my new hair but, my mom didn’t feel the same. Sadly, I think that even though I am twenty-something years old my mom would still have the same reaction as she did 12 years ago if I were to chop my hair today. In fact, she is probably reading this right now freaking out and I will probably receive a text of reasons why I shouldn’t chop it. BUT….. I guess time will tell what decision I go with at today’s appointment. Check my Instagram to see if I chopped or kept my long locks! @KailaniAndrade


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  • RoselyC - I think a cut like the picture of katie holmes would look great on you. Besides hair always grows, its fun to change up your look now and then.ReplyCancel

Due to the fact that I’m a morning person, I usually allow myself enough time to get ready before heading out the door. That said, I tend to find myself in a rush more often than I’d like. My hair is long and thick, so quickly curling it isn’t an option when I’m pressed for time.

With that in mind, I adopted a few styles that I wear during chaotic mornings or when I feel like hitting snooze. These styles are simple and fast, and pull together a look effortlessly.

1) Milkmaid Braids
I generally sport these when I don’t get a chance to hop in the shower in the morning since it looks better when your hair is a bit messy. To achieve the look, part your hair and make a low ponytail on each side of your head. Braid each ponytail, wrap them across your head like a headband, and secure the ends with bobby pins. I like to do fishtail braids to put a spin on the traditional style.

2) A Knotted Pin-Up
I discovered this one a couple of weeks ago. It works best on dry hair but can be done with wet. Essentially you knot your hair in an actual knot and then clip up the remaining  loose pieces at the nape of your neck to create a low tousled, low pin up.

3) The Sock Bun
Whenever I feel like looking glamorous (without spending a ton of time on it), I throw my hair up in a sock bun. It takes me all of two minutes and completely polishes my look—people never would know that I slept through my alarm! The best thing about this specific style is that you can do it wet or dry, and it still has the same effect. For an extra feminine touch, add a bow! You can secure it in the front or back for an unexpected twist.

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As a kid my mom did my hair along with my sisters hair every morning… the rotation consisted of a simple pony tail, half up half down, bun, braids and my personal favorite the twisty braid. During the summer I am always looking for a simple way to put up my long locks…. I generally just put it up in a messy top knot or sock bun but I decided to try something I used to love when I was a kid. This twisty-braid is an easy way to look polished in a matter of seconds.