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Holidays Nov 23

Holiday Gifting

Holidays Nov 17

A Holiday Tradition: PJ’s

For as long as I can remember, matching Christmas pajamas were a Christmas Eve tradition in my family. We got one present on Christmas eve and that was our new PJ's. Looking back this was definitely i...

Chistmas Dec 09

Red Holiday Hues

{ Cape - Forever21 | Skirt - Zara | Shirt - Target | Shoes - Heavenly Couture | Sunglasses - Coach } The weather is getting colder and colder by the minute. Some days I question how the Bay Area can ...

Holidays Nov 27

Thanksgiving Day Prep

Every year each member of my family is given a specific task to help prepare for the holidays. Setting the table is always my task for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. This year I decided to kee...

Holidays Nov 25

Auntie Shell’s Pumpkin Squares

Throughout the holiday’s, my family always prepares  several  family recipes that we serve every year.  So needless to say,  over time  these recipes have become part of our family tradition durin...

Style Nov 20

Homemade Butter

I am always looking for easy homemade gift ideas to make & share during the holiday season. Most of the time I resort to homemade rice crispy treats because they take the least amount of time and ...

easter Jul 25

Flirty Floral

I honestly can't get enough of my new orange bag from! It has definitely become a summer staple, I can pair it with a simple pair of jeans and a white tee or a fun and flirty summer dre...

Halloween Oct 18

Falling into Fall

The past three weeks have gone by incredibly fast (almost too fast)… you would think that by now that I would be used to my schedule but I'm not. As you might be able to tell I have felt extremely...