Category: Winter

Outfits Mar 16


Majority of the winter my uniform consists of black stretchy pants and a black sweater. However, some days I wake up inspired to try something new. Especially on the days I don't have to lug my stuf...

Outfits Feb 12

Cotton Candy Stripes

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Outfits Feb 09

Easy Earthtones


Outfits Feb 02

Nautical Cheetah

Stripe Top - Zara (Similar Here) | Leather Skirt - SheInside  | Trench Coat - SheInside | Necklace - Francesca's Broadly speaking, my weekday attire involves jeans and some sort of loose T-shirt, b...

Outfits Jan 30

Affordable Basic Tee

I used to be that person who when shopping would purchase the most extravagant items that I would only be able to be wear once or twice in a lifetime. These days, I look for staple pieces that can...

Outfits Jan 27

Black Lumberjack

Re-discovering old favorites or alleged lost items is always a great surprise. A missing and forgotten item could be an old mix tape, a pair of sunglasses you forgot you ever owned, a favorite fam...

Outfits Jan 16

Get yo papes

Hats always add such a fun, quirky element to any outfit. As I was cleaning out my sisters closet, primarily looking for “borrowed” items that were never returned …. I found this Newsboy cap that I ...

Outfits Jan 13

Lojel Luggage

I am a serious homebody so the least bit of traveling or packing gives me a minor case of anxiety. In order to avoid and alleviate any and all stress I try to stick to a packing régime so that I el...