Travel Guide: Montauk

Aug 16


Mountauk, New York


Left Hand Coffee — If you love a good Nutella Mocha, I highly suggest you stop by Left Hand Coffee. They make a specialty Nutella mocha and latte, that is the perfect combination of jolt and delight. Our morning routine consisted of from the motel to town for our daily cup of joe. Some mornings, I was in desperate need of a green juice, they also had a great selection

Happy Bowl / Tucked away at the the very end of the main street in town. This little shop shares a wall with the local Deli/Market and both are definitely hidden gems. The line is always around the corner at the local Bakery, but the baked good there are nothing special and not something I want to waste my morning calories on. Happy Bowl has a long list of smoothies and Acai Bowls to choose from. We stopped here on our last day and I wish we started the trip.

Joni’s / Breakfast wrap, baked goods

TT’s / Sceney Mexican is how I am going to describe this restaurant.

Best Pizza / Great casual spot to grab a slice of NY style pizza.


We stayed at the Breakers Motel, which is right before you enter the town of Montauk. The property was adorable, however the rooms were small. It was perfect for a weekend getaway, but any longer than 3 nights I think it would have been challenging. If you decide to book at the Breakers Motel, I would recommend requesting a secluded room away from the pool, parking lot or street. The room had a mini fridge, stove, kettle, plates and utensils, which was an added benefit since I love to be  able to refrigerate fresh fruits to snack on. The motel also  provided beach chairs and towels for the beach. The beach is right across the main road and is clean and quiet. One bummer was that the pool was not heated so on chilly days where the beach wasn’t an option, either was the pool. The picnic tables out front were perfect for coffee and cards in the morning and reading before dinner. 


The town of Montauk is very small, so we ventured to a few other towns throughout our time there. Below is a list of places to shop or see. 

Antique Vintage Shop 

Nellies’s of Amagansett / Nellie by far has the best selection of vintage and antique items. She has a variety of items ranging from large furniture pieces to mini plates and lampshades. Some of her items are reasonably priced, but others are on the high end. 

Montauk Light House / You can drive to “The end of the world”  in Montauk where the light house is located. If you want to stay and walk around or enter the lighthouse you must pay for parking and entry to the lighthouse. We did a drive by because we didn’t feel like paying to go up to the light house. 

Amagansett Square / Lots of cute shops and little restaurants tucked in this tiny garden in the middle of town. 

Gurney’s Resort /  Check out Gurney’s Resort for rotating list of local happenings and events. If you aren’t able to afford the $900/night room you can still grab a bite to eat or tour the grounds to see what the hype is all about. 

The Surf Lodge / If you aren’t will to pay the steep nightly rate, you can still check it out. The decor is amazing and the scene doesn’t disappoint. This place is a swanky Hamptons destination.