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Monthly Archives: January 2011

{ My brothers choice of yogurt toppings. I love the rainbow sprinkles with a cherry on top such a fond childhood memory }

This weekend was spent with family. We all live in the same house but during the week it is so hectic between sports and school that we never really get the time to spend “quality” time together, we usually grate on each other’s nerves by the time Friday comes around. So we used this weekend to regroup, with church, helping our mom at the office, taking the dogs for a walk, and grubbing down on some frozen yogurt.

{ Helping file at the office on a cold rainy day }

{ Molly and Dixie resting after their long walk }

{ Quick lunch in between classes: Sandwich & Ice Tea }

The past couple weeks… I wasn’t finding myself looking forward to Friday as much as I was this week, because everyday seemed to be just as great as Friday/Saturday and Sunday. BUT this week was definitely one of those weeks where Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. When I woke up Monday morning at 6:00 am for my first day back at school (in over a month) the first thing that came to mind was a desperate need for coffee, but the second thing that went through my head as I was attempting to wake up was …. when is it going to be Friday?

After 4 long treacherous days of lectures and syllabuses (boring) it is FINALLY FRIDAY. Have a great weekend everyone. And for all you students out there who also started this week only 13 weeks left until Spring Break, yes my countdown has already started.

Here are some things that kept me sane this week!

{ My new tennis shoes }

{ Wouldn’t have made it through the week without one of these every day }

{ Excited for February }

{ Definitely lightened up my week… love a good laugh }

{ Walnut, Cranberry & Apple Bread }

This past November I took a trip to Boise, Idaho to visit three very good childhood friends at Boise State University. While shopping at the store for the weekend festivities (Boise v.Hawaii Football Game) I picked up a loaf of fresh walnut cranberry apple bread for breakfast. This large loaf of bread was gone in 10 minutes… it was that good. I have been in an out of stores in search for this specific bread but no luck, so I decided to try and make my own. Although it wasn’t as good as the store bought one, it will suffice until my next trip back to Boise.

{ Tossed and Found, items we picked up from the market }

I have been dying to hit up one of the biggest flea markets around (50 years to be specific) the San Jose Flea Market. As much as I wanted to throw on some heels and a skirt to look cute and fashionable, sadly they just weren’t appropriate for this outing. Going to any flea market consists of rummaging through old things and a lot of walking.. 8 miles + some (to cover ALL the stations). I wouldn’t be caught dead attacking 8 miles in heels and a mini skirt. So instead I threw on a pair of my favorite lululemon pants, a fun T-shirt, and my nike tennis shoes. My outfit left me comfortable and ready to score some deals while eating great food.

{ Ready, Set, Go }

{ Endless amounts of sunglasses }

{ food break: Seasoned Pistachios, we snacked on while shopping }

{ Beer & Soda Mobile }

{ Mad I let my bf talk me out of buying one of these old sewing machines }

{ More walking }

{ On the hunt for a vintage typewriter to use as a decoration in my office }

{ Another food break: fresh mangos }

{ Not just junk and food! Fun activities for kids like this monster bus ride, and the carousel, and game booths }

My collection of scarves over the years has grown and grown (especially having two sisters to contribute). Although my scarf collection is quit large, I don’t find myself reaching for a scarf in the morning as my go to accessory. But these celebrities make scarfs look effortlessly chic while providing warmth if needed. Check in daily to see what celebrities scarf style inspired me most.