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Olive Oil – I have used Olive Oil to remove my makeup since high-school. It works like a charm and even removes tough residue and waterproof makeup in a matter of seconds. I mainly use the Olive Oil to remove my eye makeup and then continue to remove the remainder of the make-up with Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanse wipes.

Safety Pin – My sister taught me this trick. She always has a safety pin in her makeup bag. On days your mascara seems to be extra clumpy… use a safety pin to carefully separate your eyelashes.

B.B.Thickening Spray – This is a new favorite product I have added to my beauty routine. Prior to having short hair I didn’t use much product but now that I have much shorter hair and multiple layers I really enjoy B.B.’s thickening spray. It adds wonderful un-done texture to my hair.

Drink Water – I am a huge water drinker, by 12 pm I usually have already consumed 4 or 5 water bottles full of water. It is the biggest secret to keeping healthy glowing skin.

Creative Lash Curler – I never use a lash curler until recently. I have always curled my eyelashes with my blow dryer. After I apply my mascara, I let it sit for a little bit … then I gently apply heat while using my finger to lift the lashes up.

Lovely Lips – Exfoliation is key. It helps remove the dead skin and helps dry lips become plump and moist. After exfoliation I always moisturize with Vaseline not Chapstick.

Coconut Oil – Once again this is another beauty tip that my sister got me hooked on. Coconut Oil is not only a great substitution in the kitchen but it also is extremely moisturizing for your hair as well as your skin.

Refining Mask – I love dabbing a little of this refining mask on a problem pimple and leaving it on over night. It helps to dry out the pimple and minimize redness.



I may have been into fashion in high school but beauty products were never my thing. I always purchased the cheap stuff from Walgreens which I actually still use from time to time. I recently found a new love for beauty products and realized what a difference good makeup applied in the right way can make even if its just for an every day look. When I purchased my first tinted moisturizer from Lara Mercier 4 years ago I instantly fell in love with her line, everything is so light and airy and never feels or looks like you are wearing to much makeup. Despite my love for Laura Mercier, I always like testing out new brands and products. I have listed my everyday make-up products below.

1 – BareMinerals Prime Time – I use this stuff after I have cleansed and moisturized my face (using Dermalogica products). For people who tend to have oily skin, this primer is great because it has a matte finish.  The consistency is light and easy to blend over the skin. The prime time helps my foundation go on smoother and stay longer.

2 – Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation – In the summer months I just blend tinted moisturizer into my skin and I am usually set to go. But, during the months where my skin lacks a serious sun tan finish I like to use a little foundation to even my skin tone and achieve a glowing complexion. I like the Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Luminous foundation because it is light and build-able it goes on light but you can easily build up the coverage where it’s needed.

3 – Laura Mercier Setting Powder – This loose powder is wonderful. After applying foundation or tinted moisturizer I just dab a little bit of the loose powder on extra oily parts of my face to achieve a smooth natural complexion.

4 – Maybelline  Dream Bouncy Blush – For a subtle rosy color I apply the bouncy blush to the apples of my cheeks. Unlike powder blush, it melts into your skin and blends beautifully.

5 – Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil – I never leave the house without filling in my eyebrows.

6 – Dolce&Gabbana  Passion Duo Lipstick – This is the perfect color for an everyday natural look. I always make sure to have some sort of light gloss or soft pink color on my lips to add a little extra pop to my face.

7 – Dolce&Gabbana Passion Eyes Duo Mascara – The curled application brush immediately curls and lengthens eyelashes. When Christian McCulloch used this mascara on me back in October my jaw dropped when I saw the results. This mascara is amazing and a must buy.


I have always loved the glitzy ring finger trend so I decided to put my own spin on it. Instead of decorating my ring fingers,  I decided to bling out my thumbs …. I mean after all,they are the fingers that get the most exercise throughout the day. I decided to try it a few weeks ago with red polish and gold glitter and people went crazy for it. If you really  think about how often you use your phone whether it is for emails, texting, maps, social media etc. you will realize that your thumbs are the most active finger so why not make them look pretty? Here is my easy tutorial to acquire pretty texting thumbs that everyone will be talking about. In addition, I also wanted to share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE product from Essie.  I am a huge Essie polish fan to begin with so when I discovered their Quick E Drying Drops I was ecstatic . The drops really do work… there have been many times that I have changed my polish or quickly touched it up in the car before a meeting, conference or lunch with friends and  thanks to the drying drops, my polish looks fresh and undamaged.  If you’re an avid polish changer like me,  it’s time to go buy yourself some ESSIE drying drops to make your life much easier after polishing your nails.

Honestly, I am obsessed with getting my brows done. My sisters used to think that I was crazy but now they understand my obsession so they have recently embraced the “eyebrow trend”   as well. It wasn’t until three years ago when I began to take care of my brows and it definitely  makes a huge difference on the appearance of your face. Two years ago Maybelline sent me an eyebrow pencil… it sat in my drawer for a couple weeks……..until Mia (member her?) and I decided to experiment with the pencil. After taking a step back from the mirror,  my initial reaction was “ WOAHHHH no way…..You can’t pull that off….  Take it off….. take it off.” So  I rubbed it off before we went out for the night, just as I did with the dark colored lipstick,. Now the two of us don’t go out without filling in our brows. As much as the brow pencil really makes a difference it all starts with your esthetician. I am proud to refer & give credit to Stephanie at the Wax Parlor in Walnut Creek because she has drastically, (for the better)  changed the appearance of my  brows  based on the shape my face. Actually, thanks to STEPH my brows have a definite shape now! She is awesome she does almost all my friends and family (including my grandma and my mom). Recently, she convinced me to tint my brows and I wasn’t sure about it at first but tinting your brows allows you to see the lighter hairs which will assist you  when you fill them in yourself. If you are from the Bay Area,  Steph  “the Eyebrow Professional”  should  be your next call before she books up this holiday season. Make your appointment ASAP.

1513 Cypress St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 262-6488



The front of your brow should align with the upper bridge of your noise.



Play around with eyebrow liners here:

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If you are in the San Francisco area this Friday and Saturday come join me at Saks Fifth Avenue on Post Street for the special Dolce&Gabbana makeup event. Christian McCulloch and top Dolce&Gabbana make up artists will be on-hand to introduce the new Dolce&Gabbana Passioneyes Duo Mascara and Passioneyes Collection and to create custom makeup applications inspired by fall Dolce&Gabbana beauty trends.

Customers are invited to make an appointment with Christian and the team as he reveals his insider makeup tips and demonstrates the newest Dolce&Gabbana trends and application techniques.

Christian is known for his keen eye in designing chic and sophisticated beauty looks for top celebrities and major publications.  He has recently worked with: Scarlett Johansson, Kate Bosworth, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, Christina Hendricks, Olivia Wilde and major publications such as: Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire.

If you are in town make make your appointment now !!