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This skort from Zara is my absolute favorite. I purchased it last summer in San Diego and have gotten so much use out of it. They had multiple colors and I am kicking myself for not purchasing them all. I love how versatile it can be… last summer I wore them with my bathing suit for a day at the beach paired with a floppy hat and sandals and this past week I work them to a nice lunch in the city and decided to dress them up a bit with my new favorite black heels from JustFab.

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I never have been drawn to cheetah print (even though it is one trend that has been around for decades), but the other day my Grandma looked so hip at dinner in her cheetah blouse that it finally pushed me to throw on this cheetah blouse that has been sitting in my closet for months! I always admire people who are able to wear crazy animal prints and rock them. The light material has been great during the warm weather and I love how it instantly adds edge to an outfit.




It has been a while since I last posted. I decided to take a break from blogging for a while, but am happy to be back. As you might have noticed I chopped my hair a couple more inches. I never would have thought that I would go shorter than my shoulders, but I did it and I love it. It always feels great to change up the style. Since CA experience a major heat wave last week it was a bit of an adjustment not being able to put it up in a  messy bun, but it allowed me to get creative. Anyways,  my sister brought back these pants from Spain last semester, she purchased them at an open market somewhere in Sevilla.  The lightweight material has been perfect for the warm weather. They have been a great alternative to shorts and skirts all while still staying cool.



I have been wanting to update my website for a while now… I was never fully satisfied with the aesthetic or design and black and white has always been on my inspiration board when it came searching for images and sites that inspired me. I love the simplicity that black and white brings to a website interface. When searching for inspiration I was inspired by popular fashion and lifestyle publications that were visually interactive with an editorial flare that still reflected a blog design. With this new design I decided to create a landing page where you are able to navigate to different pages of the website with visual buttons. You are now able to access the recipe index (left top button), my Instagram feed (bottom right button), the blog (middle button), trends I am loving right now (top middle button), my photography website (bottom middle button), shops I love around the web (right top button) and my outfit blog roll (bottom right button). You are still able to access the old blog roll by clicking the BLOG link in the menu bar, when you click BLOG it will take you to the old blog with older posts, sidebar etc. I am looking forward to making a few minor additions to help improve the overall experience while visiting Kailani’s Korner. Hope you enjoy the new and improved website interface for Kailani’s Korner.