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{Gift Tag (here) and Bunny Bait feat. next week }

Cards are such a fun and easy way to feel festive during the holidays. I created these freebies for you to use this Easter. Attach them to gifts, send them in the mail or just use them to leave a note for someone! I added a little bit of sparkle to mine by using my favorite stationary secret (a special glue pen) and some glitter. Download the free printable’shere and post pictures on my Facebook page, showing how you used the card of your choice!

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One of my fondest memories as a child was sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, hoping that my marshmallow turned just the right amount of golden brown to pair with graham crackers and chocolate for a delicious smore sandwich. But, sometime burning, dropping or snacking was inevitable. To this day I turn into a kid again when someone mentions “S’more” making. When I came across this recipe I HAD TO try it. These cupcakes are a bit of campfire heaven.

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  • admin - they were delicious !!! You must try 🙂 and then post pictures on the Korner’s Facebook page..ReplyCancel