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{ A few of my favorites. Obsessed with the red ShoeMint heels }

Yes it is FINALLY FRIDAY. I started out the week in Southern California where it was 70 degrees and partly sunny. I am now ending my week in New York where it is 25 degrees and snowing. I must say, that despite the cold weather I absolutely love this city!! I love it so much that the second I got settled into my hotel room I called my mom and told her that she’s lost me to NY. I know …I know…., I have been horrible about posting this week, but things were crazy with school starting and a unexpected quick trip to New York for Fashion Week. Yesterday I spent majority of the day getting organized and settled into my hotel room, I managed to make it out to three shows in the evening as well as dinner and drinks with old friends! Next week I have a bunch of fun Valentine’s Day inspired posts for you. During my stay here in New York, I am guest posting on Instagram and Twitter for The It Bags as well as Diablo Magazine, so be sure to check out their social media sites. Today a storm is supposed to hit and a foot of snow is expected to fall. I am so thrilled about being able to experience such a drastic change in weather. The extreme cold temperature is such a welcoming change. Oddly enough, I love this weather, I love being able to see my breath (it is a rare site to see it, living in San Diego) the brisk weather means pea-coats, beanies and scarfs all of which I LOVE and rarely have an opportunity to wear, living on the west coast. I am excited to tour the city this weekend as well as watch one of my best friends play basketball at Columbia. I am thrilled to be here in NY where I will be attending several more fashion shows throughout the next week. Here is a glimpse into my insanely hectic but totally electrifying, busy week! Stay tuned next week for Valentine’s Day inspired posts as well as snap shots from fashion week.

{ A few of the accessories for the this week. Includes beanie + chunky necklaces }

{ Love this place }

{ First show of the week – Sergio Davila }

{ My poor living room prior to leaving Wednesday }



{ A poster that sits by my bed (purchase here) + my new egg carton dish that serves as a jewelry holder }

Earlier this week, my sister and I packed up the car to head back down to San Diego where we both attend college. I am experiencing bitter-sweet mixed emotions of both elation as well as uncertainty since this will be my final semester of college. The second we arrived in San Diego… I was overcome with so many feelings. I think it finally hit me and I became excited yet sad all at the same time. I absolutely love it down here and it is depressing to think that soon, it will all be coming to an end. With that said, I am ready to thoroughly enjoy the next four months as a college student. The rest of my week was surprisingly productive. I worked on upcoming features and giveaways that I can’t wait to share with all of you very soon. I was also able to motivate myself and hit the gym. I began my training process for the half marathon which I expect to complete by the end of 2013. The past few nights have been extremely relaxing for me. Last night, I was introduced to the television series, “Prison Break” and now I am obsessed. I am still enjoying my free time during winter break. Over the next few days, I plan to spend time with friends at the beach. I want to feel refreshed and revitalized so that next week I will be able to focus my attention and my energy on getting organized before school starts. Here are a few things that brightened my week.

{ My first pair of converse }

{ Simple Packaging for a Thank You Gift }

{ New collection of Wedding Book that constantly keep me inspired }

{ A fishtail braid + comfy PJ’s are the perfect combination for an afternoon filled with RedBoxes }

{ Dixie was so darn good while posing for this picture }

This week came and went so fast, that Monday felt like Tuesday, and Tuesday felt like Wednesday. But as soon as I arrived home, it didn’t matter what day  it was… I was home. I have spent the last 48 hours at home enjoying family time. There were many things that made me happy and smile this week, such as; family dinners, sitting by the fire, and the beautiful sunshine. Here are a few other memories and events that made an already amazing week that much more amazing. This weekend, create your own new memories and have a magnificent, safe and Happy Easter!

Bait the Bunny with this recipe


 Attach these cards to any basket full of eggs.


{ Ingredient for next weeks “Drink” post }

{Healthy afternoon snack with my favorite yogurt }

{ Enjoying some sand in between classes on Monday }

{ Furry friends }


{ Candy Corns that sit on my desk (seen here) }

This week was far from exciting. I have yet to have a melt down since I have been down in San Diego I was able to hold back the tears for two months and I would say that is pretty good. But, for some reason this week they were hard to hold back everyone and everything either annoyed me or made me cry. I know that school is important and is something we all have to attend but sometimes I seriously question why we are required to take certain classes? Statistics might be the end of me. No matter what I do or how much help I get I just don’t seem to get it (frustrating). School has exhausted me this week and the worst part about it is that even though it is Friday this weekend will be dedicated to studying as opposed to sitting by the beach relaxing. The moment I catch a break (a true break) will be so rewarding! I apologize for no post yesterday but on top of everything else going on right now I just couldn’t pull together a post, but next week there will be food and lots of fashion! Do something fun for me this weekend : )

Here are a few festive items around the house that remind me what month it is!

{ Pumpkins and cob webs that are piled underneath our mantel (seen here) }

{ Cauldron & Skulls that replaced our coffee table center-piece }


  • Lisa - Literally Stats is death. Don’t give up!! It gets easier. Keep doing extra practice problems. I miss you in Spanish. xoxoxReplyCancel

This week was short… there were some ups and there were some downs. Glad the weekend is here! I will be spending some time with the girls and my family, just what the doctor ordered. Sorry for yesterday’s glitch. I am going to keep this post short but I can promise that next week’s posts will be problem free and exciting. This weekend have fun in the sun with your family and friends. I put together some suggestions just in case you don’t feel like brainstorming your own.

  • Take a hike during sunset
  • Drink fruity drinks by the pool
  • Pick up some sandwiches….pack a blanket, cards, some mags. & music and head to the park for a picnic
  • Enjoy an early morning coffee run with a loved one
  • Cook up something delicious & refreshing
  • Hit up redbox and have a movie night
  • Make an old summer playlist to play while cooking a summer dinner
  • Camp out in your backyard