Outfits Apr 11, 2013


Dress – Lush | Jean Jacket – Levis | Shoes – Converse |Wicker Basket – Forever21 | Sunnies – Target

Farmer’s Markets’ are a HUGE part of my weekly routine. Generally every Wednesday after class I head straight for the Ocean Beach Farmers Market (which is my favorite) to pick up my fresh flowers for the week. These trips every so often tend to involve the purchasing of cookies or mini donuts. But, this week I decided to divert from the usual routine. Tuesday, my roommate Kira and I decided to bike down to the Pacific Beach Farmer’s Market to check it out. Although the atmosphere was a tad different than Ocean Beach the array of flowers were magnificent and the little old man strumming his guitar playing Frank Sinatra was a refreshing and welcomed change. I decided to wear a flirty yellow dress paired with my converse and cropped jean jacket Oh. and I of course couldn’t leave the house without my wicker basket/bag that my Grandma gave me last year for Easter.

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  1. these pictures (and you!) are gorgeous! my city’s farmer’s market doesn’t open until next month (we’re in michigan and it’s still freezing) but i can’t wait! love love love picking out flowers and fresh seasonal produce!